Howard Goodman

President, HG Partners Limited
Director, Private Client Group,
Senior Financial Advisor, HollisWealth®

Howard Goodman

(416) 590-7807 #226
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Howard is the founder, leader and Chief Investment Strategist of HG Partners Limited.

With over two decades as a Senior Financial Advisor, Howard manages client relationships and shares team responsibilities in the areas of Investment, Insurance and Financial Planning.

Some of the most important words in his vocabulary are trust and integrity, because trust once lost is seldom regained.

Howard believes that wealth comes in many forms. His particular focus on “Wealth” reflects the emphasis he places on earned confidence and the lasting security that only hard work and thoughtful planning can do. Much more than a measure of monetary gain, “Wealth” is a state of certainty about the limitless possibilities of the future. It is a relentless commitment to personal fulfillment, professional satisfaction and the freedom both to achieve your dreams and to enable the dreams of others. He takes satisfaction helping clients accumulate wealth, protect wealth, use wealth and enjoy wealth.

During his spare time, Howard enjoys hockey, baseball, golf and especially looks forward to the annual family vacation.

Howard is happily married to his beautiful wife Gloria and lives in Thornhill with his children Michelle and Chad and their dog Riley.