What We Do

We Work Hard to Make Your Money Grow

Our approach is simple: we will help you to sort out what you view as genuinely important in your life, let you know what the monetary cost will be both now and in the years to come, and work hand-in-hand with you to build a strategy that will allow you and your family to realize your hopes and live your dreams.

While financial analysis and risk management are important parts of our process they are, in the end, just that – parts. We will look at all aspects of what you are doing now and what you would like to do in the future. Our mission is to ensure that you feel a level of peace of mind that you have never experienced before.

Unlike many financial advisors, those within HG Partners are compensated by way of a base salary and bonus system. We believe that this model helps to remove many of the conflicts of interest that might otherwise arise, and it was adopted in order that our own interests would be aligned with those of our clients. The success of our clients determines our own.

At HG Partners, our financial planning process takes a “big picture” approach. This sets us apart from other financial advisors who may focus on only one aspect of your personal financial situation and needs.

We endorse and follow the Financial Planners Standards Council’s six-step approach to developing a comprehensive and highly personalized financial plan:

  1. Establish the client / planner engagement.
  2. Gather client data and determine goals and expectations.
  3. Clarify present financial status and identify problems and opportunities.
  4. Develop and present the financial plan.
  5. Implement the plan.
  6. Monitor and, where required, adjust the plan.

Philosophy & Approach

Our objective in our financial planning practice is to provide our clients with personalized financial strategies that will allow them to achieve financial independence.

We believe that there are a great many pieces to the financial planning puzzle, and that an effective long-term strategy cannot be created unless all of those pieces are analyzed and then synthesized in the creation of a comprehensive plan.

The depth and breadth of our planning approach is essential in ensuring that nothingfalls between the cracks“. But equally important is the fact that our planning is both systematic and disciplined. While every client we work with is very different, our approach in working with each of them is exactly the same.

Many of us are uncertain about many aspects of our financial affairs. More than any other factor, we have found that this uncertainty can be very disturbing. Whatever the results of our planning process, it removes all the question marks and gives our clients a very clear picture of where they are now, helps them to focus on where they want to be in the future and the road they need to follow to get there.

A sound and well-formulated long term investment strategy is a key component in any comprehensive financial plan.

Whether you are considering managed investments, our own HG Partners Model Portfolios, bonds or GICs, our investment professionals can help. Our disciplined investor profiling process ensures that any investment recommendations we make are the most suitable given each of our clients’ unique personal circumstances.

Philosophy & Approach

We have designed a number of model portfolios, covering the investment spectrum from the very conservative to the very aggressive.

One of our key objectives in developing these models was to create a strategy that would take the emotion out of investment decisions, both for us as investment professionals, and for our clients.

The models are comprised of a mix of equities and bonds and, in some of the models, GICs. In selecting the individual components of the models, we use a systematic and disciplined screening process. There are many criteria, including a history of above average and consistent performance by the fund manager, the relationship of risk to reward, and correlation analysis. The objective is to create a portfolio made up of some of the best managers available, and one where there is as little correlation as possible among the individual components in it.

These portfolios are not static. They are constantly monitored and managers will be removed and added from time to time.

Where a client has invested in one of the models, we review his or her portfolio every 90 days. Each of the models has a particular asset mix which matches the particular client’s “investor profile.” If, at the time of the 90-day review, the portfolio needs to be rebalanced, we will so advise the client. As an example, if a client had invested in the 60% equity / 40% fixed income model, if that allocation were out of balance by 5 percentage points, the portfolio would be rebalanced so that the suitable asset mix is maintained over the long term.

This rebalancing process forces us to “buy low and sell high.” Rather than having these on-going buy and sell decisions determined by emotion, it is the asset mix of the portfolio itself that determines what action needs to be taken. We strongly believe that the best investment decisions are generally the ones that involve the least emotion.

At HG Partners Limited, through HollisWealth® Insurance Agency Ltd., we can help you make the most of the many benefits that insurance can provide. These can range from dealing with risk management issues to taking full advantage of investment and estate planning opportunities. The array of insurance products available today is daunting, and professional advice is a must if you want to make sure you’re getting the most appropriate coverage at the best price.

Insurance can provide you and your family with peace of mind during your lifetime, and ensure that the wealth that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate is passed on to your heirs as tax-efficiently as possible.

When it comes to insurance, there is far more to consider than “life” insurance. Universal Life, Critical Illness, Long-Term Care and Disability coverage could provide solutions to your needs or wants. If you’d like to learn more about how these various types of insurance products can be powerful parts of your personal financial plan, please click on the tabs at the right for more details, or contact us directly for a no-cost, no-obligation insurance assessment.

Our insurance professionals are not tied to any one insurance provider. They will provide you with a detailed analysis of your personal situation and “shop the market” to ensure that you’re provided with the best possible insurance solutions.

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